18 it/him jewsian
aspiring animator and artist
transmasc lesbian
en/pt = OK!


scorpio sun, virgo moon, cancer rising, intp, 2w9, melancholic
madomagi, genshin, imas, looney tunes, disney, etc
i have did and schizophrenia, so my memory is really bad. be patient with me!


dni if: basic dni criteria, proshipper, endosys, terf/swerf, against xenogenders/neopronouns, zionist
tag dc comics and friday night funkin
do not be rude to me as a joke if we're not close


you may also call me "bebe" if we're close! i love being called this nickname, so don't be afraid to ask!
i'm working on my own animation project!
i have narcolepsy so if i don't reply to you, i'm probably asleep